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Travel Insurance for South Africa - let’s talk about it

The land of endless opportunity. The adventure capital of the world. The ultimate destination for exploration. There are innumerable ways to describe South Africa, but it’s pretty darn difficult to capture its beauty in just a few words. And maybe that’s the reason why you’re heading there! But before you do, it’s crucial to get a few things organised - one of those being travel insurance for South Africa. Being covered by travel insurance while exploring the rainbow nation means you’ll have a ton of weight lifted off your shoulders - from worrying about medical bills if you catch something on your trip, to what would happen if your luggage gets lost. Don’t let unexpected events like these rain on your parade and take out travel insurance for the most stress-free holiday possible.

Do I need travel insurance for Africa?

The short answer? Yes! But we should probably tell you why.

Now we don’t want to deter you from travelling to South Africa, but there’s a relatively high crime rate in many areas. As with any country, thieves will be lurking around - and tourists are generally targeted more than locals. In the unlikely case of your bag or possessions being snatched, rest assured travel insurance will cover the cost of replacing everything. This includes the fee for replacing your passport and any other travel documents!

We all know South Africa for being home to some of the most amazing and diverse wildlife. Visiting national parks and private game reserves such as the famous Kruger National Park is on the checklist for most travellers, and we’re not surprised. From Elephants to Rhinos, Buffalos and even unusual ones like Kudus, you’ll be able to see ‘em all. But going on a safari comes with its own risks, so it’s paramount that you have travel insurance to cover any unexpected events that may arise. Emergency transport and medical care can get unbelievably expensive - but you won’t have to worry when you’re covered with a trusty travel insurance policy.

If you’re planning to get around the city of Cape Town or Johannesburg in a hired-car, taking out travel insurance is a no-brainer! When you have travel insurance for South Africa, financial expenses that arise from any accidents will be taken care of.

Tips for travelling to South Africa

Now that you know how you can achieve peace of mind when travelling to the enchanting land of South Africa, we’d like to share some tips on how you can have even more of a blast!

Tip #1: learn some of the local lingo

Did you know that South Africa has 11 official languages? Obviously no one expects any tourist to speak them all, but knowing some of the common slang that’s used across the whole nation will sure come in handy. Google “South African slang” and compile a list!

Tip #2: Tip please!

Although it’s not necessarily expected in Australia, leaving a 10% tip at restaurants in South Africa is common practice.

Tip #3: Aussies love BBQ, but what about a Braai?

Braai is Afrikaans for “grilled meat” and that’s exactly what a braai is. The major difference between a BBQ and Braai is, South Africans almost always use wood, which gives the meat a more complex, smokey flavour that’s like no other!

Before we get you overly excited about your trip, make sure you have your travel insurance for South Africa sorted first! Why not start here, at Catch Essentials! If you’re after a personalised quote and more information on what’s covered, there’s no better place to be online.

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