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What's the best travel insurance for Thailand? Find out why travel insurance in Thailand is a must for your next holiday right here at Catch Essentials!

Travel Insurance for Thailand - When, Where, Why?

Did you know that Thailand is the number one tourist destination in South East Asia? And us Aussies, we love Thailand. From the beautiful weather and pristine beaches to the lovely locals and captivating culture, it’s no wonder why over 500,000 visit from the Down Under. But before jetting off, there are some things everyone should consider - one of those being travel insurance. Although it’s not the most exciting thing to talk about, simply taking out travel insurance for Thailand could be the difference between having complete peace of mind on your holiday, and having to fork out a painfully large amount of money to cover for unexpected events. So let’s talk about it!

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance in Thailand?

Regardless of if you’re only in one city for 2 weeks then heading back, or planning to explore the entire country from north to south over 3 months, travel insurance is quintessential! We understand that travel insurance may seem like it’s just not worth it when you’re confronted with prices from insurance companies. But it’s better to be safe than sorry! For instance, scooters and motorbikes are an extremely popular and convenient way to get around in Thailand. Not only are they affordable and available to rent practically anywhere, they let you explore the exotic country in a whole new way. But the obvious downside is that they can be dangerous - many surfaces are irregular and poorly maintained, roads and streets are busy, and encountering reckless drivers is not uncommon. Even if you aren’t driving yourself, accidents while in taxis, buses and tuk tuks can occur. Petty theft, as with any country, is also a reality in Thailand especially in tourist areas like Bangkok. In the case of your possessions being stolen, travel insurance will have your back, covering the cost of having to replace everything. Natural disasters are also something to take into consideration - if something does occur, you’ll be glad you took out travel insurance for Thailand!

When it comes to holidays and travelling, we want to be as stress-free as possible.

Which Travel Insurance is Best for Thailand?

There are a plethora of travel insurance plans for Thailand out there, so it can be a little overwhelming! One feature you’ll want to keep an eye out for is Emergency Medical Coverage. God forbid If something happens to you when in Phuket or hiking in Chiang Mai and find yourself being taken to hospital, knowing that travel insurance will take care of those expenses will most definitely relieve some of the pain. Rental car/scooter coverage is another feature that you’ll want to have in your plan, as we talked about above. Some other features include delayed baggage coverage, trip cancellation and trip delay coverage. So in a nutshell, mostorous medical bills will be avoided, possessions will be protected and you’ll be safe in emergency medical situations when taking out travel insurance for Thailand. While you’re here, why not let us provide you with a personalised quote? Catch Essentials is here for all your travel insurance needs - we’ll take care of it all, so that you can have an absolute blast in the country some Aussies call their second home. Or is that Bali? If that’s the case, here’s some information about travel insurance for Bali. Safe travels!

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