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Zurich, the Swiss financial capital! With the city’s population in excess of 400,000 Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and home to some of Europe’s oldest financial institutions. Whether you’re exploring Zurich’s cafe culture and getting your latte binge on, taking selfies with Europe’s largest clock face at St. Peter’s Church or hanging out with the swans down at the picturesque Lake Zurich you’ll want to make sure you’re covered. Taking out a travel insurance policy before jetting off to the land of Swiss chocolate is a no brainer. Anything can happen when travelling internationally, instead of going through the headaches and heartbreaks of figuring out what to do if you lose your passport or luggage or fall ill and can’t cover your medical costs, take out the right travel insurance policy for you and have total peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

What should be covered with travel insurance to Zurich?

If you fancy yourself as the sporty adventurous type you’ll definitely want to make sure your travel insurance policy covers any sports and activities you plan to partake in. Being the home of FIFA, Zurich offers a wide variety of outdoor and sporting activities and events ranging from the famous Limmat River Swim, the Zurich marathon and some of the best hiking to be had in all of Europe on the scenic Uetliberg and Flumserberg trails. Conversely, if you favor a more sedated and relaxed Zurich experience getting a travel insurance policy is still a wise move. You could be about to take the perfect selfie on the bank of lake Zurich only to clumsily drop your phone and have the lake claim it forever. The Limmat river cruise is a relaxing must do voyage that will take you across both river banks of Zuirch’s Old Town, it would be a shame for such a picturesque and memorable to be marred by an accidental injury or loss of personal belongings. A decent international travel insurance policy will ensure you’re covered and will keep your Zurich dream holiday on the right track!

I hold British citizenship, do I need travel insurance in Switzerland?

British citizens should have their free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which can be used in Switzerland. This will cover any necessary treatments you may receive at public healthcare centres or hospitals on your trip. However, it’s important to remember to still have travel insurance in place to be able to cover the costs of any unexpected medical treatment the EHIC might not cover, including repatriation costs. It’s also important. It’s also important to declare any pre-existing medical conditions you have to make sure your policy fully covers you.

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