10" Inch 250MM CAN Fan Max Pro 977CFM + Carbon Filter 1400CFM + 5M Duct

**Max Fan Pro - 250MM / 10" Inch | (Made in Germany)**Introducing the next generation of the highly successful Max-Fan series.

The two speed easy operation button makes the pro series the best value fans in our market.

  • The new tough polymer casing adds a new degree to the product durability.
  • The all new 3D rotor stator motor is even more efficient, higher air flow, and yet quieter
  • The contrasting yellow and black colours make a statement of quality and reliability comparable to high end machinery.


  • Max. Flow Rate:
    • High: 1660 m3/h (977CFM)
    • Low: 1470 m3/h (865CFM)
  • RPM: 3300
  • Watts: 170
  • Amps: 0.8
  • Duct Size: 250mm
  • Blade Design: Diagonal / Mix Flow
  • Housing: Plastic
  • Weight: 5.5 kg

Air Activated Carbon Filter - 250MM X 1000MM (10'' inch) | 1400CFM- This carbon filter easily adapts to all squirrel cage and centrifugal blowers (some blowers may require an adapter). It makes a perfect companion to almost every exhaust situation. Great for small spaces where the filter must be in the air, attached directly to the exhaust fan, (due to its light weight). Packed with highly porous charcoal, the carbon filter eliminates all odors as the air is forced by the millions of open fissures in the packed charcoal.

  • Aluminum tops and bases for reduced weight. Half the weight of other filters.
  • 50mm activated, certified virgin carbon bed.
  • Machine packed carbon means more carbon and less movement.
  • Cone shaped internal base for optimum air flow.
  • Sealed, bagged, boxed and labeled directly after being manufactured for optimum life span, handling and presentation.
  • 53% open air custom mesh.
  • Large selection of sizes available to fit any application.


  • Flange Size: 10" Inch
  • Total Height: 100CM
  • Air Flow: 1400CFM
  • Carbon Thickness: 50MM
  • Carbon Life Expectancy: 12 months

Aluminium Air Duct - 254MM (10" Inch) | 5M- This non-insulated aluminium air duct uses mylar and wire construction for durability and maneuverability. It's capable of handling temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius and will not kink.

Noise Reducer Clamp - 254MM (10" Inch)- These clamps are used with fans, silencers, reflectors, carbon filters and ductings. The soft rubber lining makes for a tight and vibration free fit.

Quick Release Clamp - 254MM (10" Inch)- Quick release stainless steel hose clamps. Just release the tension on the screw and flip up to instantly release the clamp. Allows for easy removal of the clamp for quicker flex duct removal when cleaning the glass in your air cooled fixture or accessing your lamp.

What's in the Box

  • [1] x CAN Fan Max Pro - 250MM (10" Inch) | 977CFM
  • [1] x Carbon Filter - 250MM X o1000MM (10" x 50" Inch) | 750CFM
  • [1] x Aluminium Air Duct - 254MM (10" Inch) | 5M
  • [1] x Noise Reducer Clamp - 254MM (10" Inch)
  • [1] x Quick Release Clamp - 254MM (10" Inch)

10" Inch 250MM CAN Fan Max Pro 977CFM + Carbon Filter 1400CFM + 5M Duct


Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
Sold and delivered by Hydro Experts