10 x Clear LCD Screen Protector Film for Samsung Galaxy SIII

  • This is a one piece clear screen protector made for the Samsung Galaxy SIII S3 i9300 (x 10)
  • Help protect your for Samsung Galaxy SIII i9300 from scratches, fingerprints and other damage
  • These screen protectors are custom made for Samsung Galaxy SIII S3 i9300
  • Note: Screen protectors can be slightly smaller than your actual phone/iPod screen size to allow for the use of tight fitting cases (i.e. so that the edges of the screen protector are less likely to lift when using these tight fitting cases). The gap can on some screen protectors depending on phone/iPod model can be up to 1mm around the edge

What You Will Receive

  • 10 x Clear Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy SIII S3 i9300
  • 10 x Cleaning Cloth
  • These screen protectors come in Retail Packaging

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