1000 Thread Count Sheet Set Black Mega Queen Bed


  • The top of the range 100% high grade cotton is luxuriously soft and smooth yet durable
  • 50cm Drop on Fitted Sheet**- Suitable for High Matresses, or mattresses with toopers/wool underlays.**
  • Select from 3 timeless, Tran-seasonal and versatile colours
  • Perfect complement to our matching 100 thread count quilt cover set
  • Sheet set includes Fitted sheet, Flat sheet and Pillow Cases (Single & King single x 1, all other inclusive of 2 pillow cases)

Why Hoteluxe 1000 Thread Count Bed Sheets

The mix which creates a high-quality sheet

  • Fibre:

    • Longer fibre is ideal, because when you spin the yarn, it gives it strength, which means less pilling.
    • Cheap sheets, use poor quality fibre which translates into poor yarn and no strength/quality
  • Weave: A quality weave,

    • depends on the type of sheet, most people generally prefer the sateen weave. All it means that the technique used offers customers are more sateen look which gives it that more luxurious look.
  • Finish is everything:

    • Cheaper sheets are associated with uneven, or poor quality stitching. I can guarantee you there is a huge difference on where the sheets are manufactured and by which manufacturer. We only source sheeting from respected world leading manufactures in China, which are currently make sheets for the worlds biggest sheeting brands.
  • Numbers are not what they mean

    • Even if a sheet has a high thread count, that can be inflated by manipulating the sheet making process with a low-quality construction or thread. Always buy from reputable retailers, the old saying goes, if itªs too good to be true it always is

Note -

Single bed and king single bed sheet sets include 1 pillowcase

Double bed, queen bed, king bed, mega queen, mega king, and mega super king bed include 2 pillow cases

Practical advice when buying sheets - FAQ

What size sheets do I need?

Unlike quilt covers, you buy sheets based on mattress size, all sheets featured on our website have depth of 40cm or more, (compared to standard depth of 30-38) thereby fitting most mattresses.

Have a high mattress, having a hard time slipping on a fitted sheet?

  • We offer a select range of sheet sets which feature mega fitted/flats
  • We also offer fitted sheets individually, which come in mega depth size, to make allowances for high mattresses

What construction, Cotton, Cotton Blend, Bamboo Cotton, Microfibre / polyester

Depends on preference, but in our experience the most popular fibre is 100% Cotton sheeting. However, in recent times, there have been upgrades to bed sheeting technology which has led to the rise of new blends offering new textures and features. We just recommend customers to avoid 100% polyester (microfibre) sheeting due to their poor character traits which customers are unware of when buying sheets such as poor breathability.

Why Cotton? sometimes traditional is best

  • Cotton sheets offer the greatest breathability; they allow for the mattress to breath and help better regulate temperature.
  • Cotton Rich sheeting are also increasing becoming popular, but when choosing between better and best, cotton is the one we recommend.
  • Bamboo/Cotton is a new technique in sheeting, and offers different properties to pure cotton such as greater lustre and softer finish.

What Thread Count Sheets?

  • We stand by all our sheets offered by us on our website, our 400 Thread count is our most popular. They are in fact much better than most sheet sets offered online regardless that they state they are higher thread count, most generally are not and are not labelled correctly.
  • We offer sheeting at all thread counts and price points, we generally recommend a minimum of 400 thread count. Our 1200 thread count sheets are among the best in the industry, manufactured to best practices in the world and only the highest quality cotton sourced. Being an importer has its advantages, as we can selectively source the best quality at best prices.


  • Be mindful of other online retailers, and there selling tactics, as we have a lot of customers coming daily into our stores and showing us sheets offered online and how they wash up.

  • Note, not all 1000 thread counts are created equal,

    • the cheaper ones sold by smaller retailers or online deal companies, the difference is in the cotton. A high quality high thread count sheet set needs long staple cotton, most of the cheaper sheets sold online are in fact using very poor small staple cotton. A high-quality sheet set sold last you for years and remain in perfect condition after each use, however the cheaper ones dont stand the test of time. Most of the customer complaints in store are just after one use.

Come instore and we can show the quality and you judge for yourself

Sheeting Sizing Demensions
Sizes Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet

Single Bed

91 x 193 x 40cm

195 x 260cm

King Single Bed

107 x 203 x 40cm

210 x 260cm

Double Bed

137 x 193 x 40cm

240 x 260cm

Queen Bed

152 x 203 x 40cm

255 x 260cm

King Bed

180 x 203 x 40cm

285 x 260cm

Mega Queen Bed (Fitted)

152 X 203 X 50cm

Mega King Bed (Fitted)

180 X 203 X 50cm

Standard Pillow Case 48 x 74cm


1 Pillow Case included in sets for Single bed and King Single Bed

2 Pillowcases included in sets for Double, Queen, and King Bed Sheets.

Please note for fitted sheets important to take note of the depth of your mattress from its highest point (including any protectors or mattress toppers) down to the lowest point, also allowing 2-3cm for the elastic edging to tuck underneath the mattress.

1000 Thread Count Sheet Set Black Mega Queen Bed

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