12V 240W monocrystalline Solar Panel Caravan Boat Camping Power Mono Home

12V 240W mono Solar panel High quality Grade A monocrystalline cells, Latest Cells high efficiency, guarantee an effective output.

Totally Eco friendly portable power bank efficient easy to set up 100% silent Absorb maximum light in all daytime and shade conditions.


Model: 240W , 12V solar panel Max Power Voltage: 20V Max Power Current: 10A Long life span solar cells Durable Aluminium anodized solid frame Hail rain snow resistant hard surface glass Easy to set up compatible to other systems Fitted with Cable with MC4 plugs IP65 Reted premium junction box with built in seal Inner Bypass diode design to protect the panel Smart frame for easy fixing and connecting Shade tolerant panel Latest cells Quality design

Specifications Maximum Power 240W Maximum Power Voltage 18.2V Open-circuit Voltage 22.3V Maximum Power Current 10A Maximum System Voltage 1000V Short Circuit Current 10A Temperature Range -40°C - 85°C Power Tolerance ±2%

Tested Operating Conditions Nominal Operating Cell Temp: -45 to 80C AM - 1.5 Irradiance - 1000W/m Temp -25C

Warranty 25 Years power output warrant