12V 250W Folding Solar Panel Kit Caravan Boat Camping Power Mono Charge Portable

ePanel 250W Folding Solar Panel Kit Caravan Camping Power 12V Mono Charging Battery
New Folding Portable 250W Solar System features a high efficiency compact Folding briefcase model design great for mobile camping remote use. The Solar cell delivers great power performance even in low-light provide outstanding energy delivery per cell power watt. The solar panel converts sunlight energy into DC electrical power and can be used to charge a rechargeable battery.
The beauty of a portable panel means that they take in maximum sunlight anywhere with the latest mono-crystalline cell technology.

The solar panel is quick to fold up, waterproof and easy to carry.

New 2017 Smart ePanel that is safe to use with AGM Batteries
Auto Detects voltage and adjust on both 12v or 24v systems - Now that is Smart :)

Bag included - panel comes with plastic corner protectors - cable and alligator clips
Smart stand that can be pinned down with pegs (pegs not included) you can easily place a peg on the cross base of the stand to prevent it from been blown away on windy days.

Complete ready to plug and play this smart epanel will automatically charge your battery and stop charging when battery is fully charged

Electrical Data

Peak Power (+/- 5%)
Auto Voltage: 12 V or 24 V
Maximum System Voltage: 1000V
Diode Protection Fitted

Mechanical Data

Front Glass: 3.2 mm (1/8 in) tempered
Junction Box: IP-65 rated with diode
Output Cables: 900mm length cable / Multi-contact
Frame: Anodized aluminium alloy type

Tested Operating Conditions

Temperature: -400C to + 850C
Impact Resistance: Hail 25mm (1 in) at 23m/s (52 mph)