135cm Bird Cage Parrot Aviary Pet Stand-alone Budgie Perch Castor Wheels

135 cm New Canary Bird Parrot Cage Aviary Budgie Open Roof With Stand & Castor This beautiful 135cm bird cage is definitely the most comfortable roost for your little one. Made of good quality frame and wire, you can be assured of its durabliity. This cage provides sufficient space for your pet, suitable for small birds and parrots. With lockable casters, it provides maximum mobility and stability. Move the cage indoors, outdoors or wherever you like! The bird cage is fitted with slide out trays for easy cleaning. Features :

* Made of quality wrought iron and black vein

* Large centre access doors with secure locks

* 2 Small side access doors

* Slide out tray for easy cleaning

* Fitted with 2 wooden perches

* 4 Plastic food/water bowls

* Bottom shelf for extra storage

* Castor wheels provide maximum mobility

* Easy to assemble


Overall size : 65 cm x 42 cm x 135 cm

Cage size : 61 cm x 42 cm x 72 cm

Bar Spacing : 1.2 cm

Color : Silver & Black

Suitable for bird, budgie and small parrot. Package Content

1 x Pet Bird Cage

1 x Assembly Guide