135cm Height 8 Panels Dog Pen Run for Large Dog Chicken

This powder coated pet run comes with 8 panels, each panel is 135cm x 80cm, perfect for large dog, cat etc.

The pet run is easy to setup: the elements fit together by placing pre-welded pins through matching threads.

The rods joint design can let you setup your run at any shape if you have limited space: square, octagon or Rectangular.


  • 135cm High panels, suitable for large dog(s)
  • Customised setup shape according to your space: square, octagon or Rectangular
  • Strong and solid standing Pet enclosure
  • Powder coating finish
  • Latched Door
  • Rubber capped feet
  • Large front door
  • Color: Black Vein
  • Can join multi cages to one larger one


  • Size:8 Panels x each panel is 135cmx 80cm
  • Size of Front door: 35cm(W)x 110cm(H)
  • Bar Space: 3.5cm
  • Frame thickness: 17mm
  • Bar thickness: 4mm (horizontal) and 3mm (vertical)
  • Weight: 25kg