14pc Home Roll Tools Set w/Plier/Cutter/Flat & Philips Screwdriver/Pocket Torch


A wide selection of handy tools for DIY use. Deal with all those little jobs while at home during ISO or in your free time. ; Comes in handy canvas tool roll holder. ;


1x Canvas Tool roll
1x Adjustable wrench (240 x 65 ; mm approx.)
1x 1m Wooden folding ruler
1x Mini Hacksaw handle plus 12 blades (270 x 50mm approx.)
1x Pocket torch (150 x 25mm approx.)
1x Joiners hammer (250 x 85 mm approx.)
1x Locking vice grip (140 x 45 ; mm approx.)
1x Plastic calipers (230 x 75 mm approx.)
1x Snap off cutter knife (130 x 13 mm approx.)
1x Phillips & flat screwdriver: Head 5x90mm (total 170 x 25 ; mm approx.)
1x Long nose plier (160 x 50 mm approx.)
1x Cutter plier (160 x 50 mm approx.)
1x Diagonal plier (160 x 50 mm approx.)