16W12T8SW DOSS 16W T8 LED Tube 1.2M 4000K Standard White 3528 Smd Standard White (4000 ~ 4800K) 16W T8 LED TUBE 1.2M 4000K

T8 LED Tubes are an ideal replacement for traditional T8 fluorescent tubes as they have the advantages of high brightness, being energy efficient and a super long lamp life of at least 30,000 hours without any flickering.

  • Type: T8 Led Tube
  • 16 Watts
  • Standard White (4000 ~ 4800K)
  • Length: 1.2m
  • 288 LEDs

Benefits - Environmentally friendly: No glass no mercury, no electromagnetic emissions, no UV and no IR radiation.

  • Bright LED light source
  • Low heat emissions
  • Long life span: 30,000~50,000 hours
  • Saving of at least 40% for comparable fluorescent tubes
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • 12 month warranty


  • Living room
  • School
  • Factory
  • Supermarket
  • Kitchen
  • Warehouse
  • Show rooms

Tube type

T8 LED tube

Colour& Colour temperature

Standard White (4000~4800K)

LED type

3528 smd leds

LED Quantity

288 pieces

Working voltage


Light Efficiency


Luminous Flux

1700-1800 lm

Output power



Aluminium Alloy Shell + Transparent PC

Operation temperature

-20 ~ 55°

Power efficiency


Power factor


Colour rendering index





Video Tutorial

_ Scenario

  • Radio Parts has approximately 500 fluoro tubes [item 25582495] in current use.
  • Current cost of power is 0.152¢ per kWh [3 phase]
  • We will start replacing these with LED tubes [25600110]


  • The Doss T8 is rated at 16W as opposed to the 36W ofa standard T8 fluorescent tube
  • Using a Fluke 771F we confirmed the current draw
  • By roughly adding the material, labour and power costs, we investigated costs over a 25 year period


  • Cost of LEDs are reducing in price over time, but we are assuming that prices remain the same
  • Usage is based on 8 hours per day for 365 days a year
  • Energy costs are likely to increase over time, but we are assuming energy prices remain fixed
  • The assumed install price is the same. Though LEDs involve the removal of the starter and ballast, the fluoros are hotter (cannot be touched) and are more fragile


  • For our existing site, it's nearly cost neutral forthe first 2-3 years. After 25 years, we expect to save over $80,000


T8 LED Tube Installation Manual PDF.

View the T8 LED Tube Installation Manual PDF (822kb)
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