180 Cm Cat Ferret Hamster Rat Bird Aviary Cage

180 cm Canary Bird Parrot Cage Aviary Ferret Cat Budgie Hamster House With Castor

This fantastic, spacious multi-level animal Cage is definitely the most comfortable roost for your little one. Our cage is made of high quality metal with vein powder coating so it is tough and durable. The dimension of this cage is 93 cm x 75 cm x 180 cm, which provides sufficient space and multi-area for your pets. This brand new multi-level ferret cage is in black vein, and 3 removable platforms, 3 removable ladders, and a funky hammock for rest and relaxation. The locks at the bottom of the cage secure animal from being escaped. In this package, it includes 4 smooth castor wheels which provide great mobility.


* 4 Levels Animal Cage
* Heavy Duty Frame and Mesh
* Durable Vein Powder Coating
* Easy for assembly
* Slide-out Tray for easy cleaning
* Locks at the bottom secure animal
* 3 Platform + 3 Ladders
* 1 Comfortable Hammock
* 2 x Large access door & 1 small access door
* 4 coaster wheels for movement
* Overall Cage Dimension : about 93 cm (L) x 75 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)
* Bar Spacing: about 2.5cm approx.
* Colour: Silver mixed Black

Package Contents

* 1 x Ferret Cage