1H095 FISCHER PLASTIC 6 Compartment Storage Box Large Deep Plastic Case 6 Compartment (Large) 310Mm 200Mm 80Mm 6 COMPARTMENT STORAGE BOX


See through parts box produced from Randon Co-polymer.

  • For the handyman - stores nails, screws, bolts, nuts and washers.
  • For the tradesman - stores and protects all small parts and components.
  • For the home - stores sewing needs and accessories.


  • Ideal for tradesmen, handymen or fishermen.
  • Hinged lid with snap locking latch.
  • Flexible unbreakable plastic for rugged use.
  • Made in Australia


CODE DESCRIPTION SIZE WIDTH DEPTH HEIGHT 1H-031 1 Compartment (Small) 188mm 118mm 31mm 1H-030 5 Compartment (Small) 188mm 118mm 31mm 1H-029 1 Compartment (Medium) 195mm 157mm 48mm 1H-038 6 Compartment (Medium) 195mm 157mm 48mm 1H-039 14 Compartment (Medium) 195mm 157mm 48mm 1H-092 1 Compartment (Large) 310mm 200mm 48mm 1H-093 12 Compartment (Large) 310mm 200mm 48mm 1H-094 18 Compartment (Large) 310mm 200mm 48mm 1H-032 1 Compartment (Medium) 195mm 136mm 66mm 1H-097 20 Compartment (XLarge) 350mm 270mm 55mm 1H-090 3 Compartment (Large) 310mm 200mm 80mm 1H-095 6 Compartment (Large) 310mm 200mm 80mm 1H-091 1 Compartment (Xlarge / Xdeep) 350mm 270mm 100mm 1H-098 8 Compartment (Xlarge / Xdeep) 350mm 270mm 100mm
Weight: 0.4950