2.5L Wine Decanter Set | M&W

If you?re settling down for a romantic night in or just welcoming guests over for a dinner party, wine is the perfect accompaniment. The Maison & White 2.5L Wine Decanter is not only a stylish way to serve up your favourite glass of merlot but enhances its flavours also. The high-quality, lead-free glass is shaped to increase oxygenation of the wine enriching and enhancing flavours that are otherwise trapped in pressurised bottles. You?ll never pour from the bottle ever again!


After your wine has had a chance to aerate and is ready to be poured, you don?t want to make any mess. The 2.5L carafe is designed with an easy pour spout which makes the serving process a lot easier and reduces the chances of battling with red wine stains on the table cloth after dinner. If you still have some left in the decanter, use the oak stopper to ensure that none of those flavours escape.


Decanters can be a pain to get clean given their design of long thin spouts. As well as the decanter, in this set, you?ll also receive a pack of stainless steel cleaning balls. Empty the balls into the decanter with some warm water and swirl. The balls will help clean up any water or wine marks from the bottom of the decanter leaving it sparkling for the next party. They can be used over and over again too!


Everyone's tastes differ, some of us prefer a sparkling white wine whilst others prefer a richer red. This decanter is suitable for any wines that you have on your rack or in your cupboard. We recommend filling around 1.5L (one standard-sized bottle) as this leaves plenty of air for the decanter to do its work and get your wine tasting extra rich.

Please note: This product is suitable for handwash only. Please wash before first use.


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2.5L Wine Decanter Set | M&W


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