2 Inch Pool Billiards Ball Set & Plastic Balls Tray

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2 Inch Pool Ball Features:

  • A box of a set of Resin pool balls.
  • Diamension: 2 Inch.
  • Box included:
    7x Full colour ball numbered from 1 to 7
    7x banded colour balls numbered from 9 to 15
    1x number 8 black ball
    1x cue ball

Plastic Pool Ball Tray Features:

  • Quality plastic ball tray in black colour.
  • Keep your pool room tidy; easy access to your pool balls.
  • Holds all sizes balls.
  • Tray fits up to 16 Balls, suits for all kinds of 8 ball game, 9 ball game, 10 ball game, Casino game, etc.