2 x KiahLoc Gift Pack Suction Hook Large(72mm) - White

We believe that even though the KiahLoc patented suction system is a small invention, it can bring convenience and color to your life. Life can be a challenge so we try to make your life easier, organized and colorful. KiahLoc Suction Hooks are not limited to use in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, laundry, storeroom or garage etc.

Product Unique Feature

When you see the yellow indicator ring pops up, don’t panic. The ring tells you that the load force is losing and then the suction cup may drop soon. The solution is very simple! You either need to press the button for few times to reinstall the load force or follow the instruction carefully to re-install another mounting surface. The function of ring also helps you to see immediately that the mounting surface is suitable for installing the suction cup or not. If you see the yellow ring pops up within few minutes or few hours on the first time installation, it is for sure that the surface is not suitable for any suction cup product; you must change to other mounting surface.

•Gecko inspired design – no mark or damage left on the mounting surface

•Easy to install, remove, and re-use

•The 360-degree hook rotation design, you’ll never need to worry about vertical alignment


•Press to fix – if you see the indicator ring (yellow) pops up


•• • Certified the loading test up to 10kg by SGS