2 x Trouble and Trix Cat Treat Milky Heart 70g

Reward your kitty cat the right way with Trouble and Trix. Treat their good behavior with a bikkie that's good for them too, with this clever Milky Heart snack. Unlike many brands of cat treats, these crispy, crunchy pieces are low in sodium, fat, and sugar and are high in beneficial calcium. Your furry friend will think they're getting a decadent reward - but you'll know you're sneakily supporting their health. 


  • Trouble and Trix Cat Treat 70g
  • Flavour: Milky Heart
  • Ultra delicious cat treats 
  • Crunchy, heart-shaped snacks 
  • Made with only the highest quality meats 
  • Low in sodium, fat, and sugar 
  • High in calcium for their teeth, claws and bones 
  • Features added essential vitamins and minerals 
  • Helps to clean their teeth with crunchy texture 
  • Re-sealable bag