20L Zeo Clean Titanium Degreaser

Degreaser – Multiuse Detergent For More Demanding Applications.

Ideal for most surfaces including fabric is can be effective even on burned fat and oil, pine tar, tire tracks etc.

It covers the applied surface with a protective film, keeping them stain free for longer.

It also deodorizes without using any ammonia or phosphate


  • Harmless
  • non-toxic
  • non-flammable biodegradable
  • economic
  • active
  • safe for nature, the environment and to humans.


Qualified powerful cleaner with triple action:

  1. maintains the surfaces with a protective film
  2. prevents the accumulation of dust
  3. eliminates unpleasant odors, without ammonia and phosphates
  • Its reinforced composition offers high cleaning action, removing quickly and efficiently even the most difficult stains.
  • Easily removes even burned traces of tires from lift trucks, automobile tires, carts, etc.
  • A basic cleanser for dissolving plant, animal and mineral fats.
  • Ideal for the elimination of all kinds of dirt- dried dowels, resin.

Application areas

Suitable for all business premises, food industries, catering shops, mills.

Ideal for:

Schools, nurseries, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, bars, stages, homes, refineries, Synergy, hotels, waiting rooms, gyms, means of transport, mills etc..


  • the minimum time required for cleaning.
  • ease of use.
  • replaces many of the detergents we use.


  • Water
  • Ethoxylated Alcohols
  • Alkane C6-C8 1-sulfonic acid sodium salt
  • EDTA tetrasodium salt