2400VKS-2 2.4Ghz Wireless AV Transceiver Video + Audio Balun Up To 210M Built-In Buzzer For Alarm Indication 2.4GHZ WIRELESS AV TRANSCEIVER


  • Offer a wireless link solution for the audio/video/alarm signals
  • Transmits AV up to 210M (Light-of-sight)
  • Video scramble and manual 7-bit pairing key for security. (4-bit channel select and 3-bit ID addressing)
  • Built-in a buzzer for alarm indication.
  • 10mW output
  • 12VDC/ 750mA by-pass out for a box camera. (TX)
  • Built-in a bias-tee circuit (3.3V/25mA) for an activeantenna connection. (RX)
  • FCC/CE Certified
  • Requires power supplies (12V 0.5A for receiver and 12V1.5A for transmitter)


  • NTSC/PAL video format available
  • CCTV, security and surveillance
  • Wireless alarm system
  • Single TX to Single/multi RX video broadcasting


Video I/O Signal Formats: NTSC & PAL Input Level: 1.0 -0.1/+ 0.2 Vp-p Output Level: 1.0 -0.1/+ 0.2 Vp-p Impedance: 75Ohms Video Bandwidth: 5.0MHz minimum Connector: BNC Mono Audio I/O Input Level: 2.7 Vp-p maximum Input Impedance: > 5,000Ohms Output Level: 2.7 Vp-p Max (@600Ohms) Frequency Response: 150 Hz to 15 KHz (-3dB Bandwidth) Connector: RCA Alarm I/O Input (TX): Level Detection 5 V TTL/CMOS Logic Output (RX): NC or NO (dry contact) Output Contact Rating (RX): AC 125V / 0.5A, DC 24V / 1A Connectors: Terminal Block Transmitter Radiated Power: FCC Part 15 (15.249) or CE Connector Antenna: SMA Jack Receiver Connector Antenna: SMA Jack Bias-Tee: 3.3V/25mA RF system Frequency of Operation: 2,400 to 2,483.5GHz Channels (User Selectable): 4 Channel Frequencies: 2,414 MHz /2,432 MHz / 2,450 MHz / 2,468 MHz Modulation: FM Antenna: 3dBi Omni Directional Range: 200metres Line of Sight (700 feet) Controls & Indicators Channel Change: 4-bit DIP SW with auto-scan mode ID Addressing (Pairing): 3-bit DIP SW Alarm Mute: 1-bit DIP SW DISARM: Push Button w/ LED Indicator TX & RX: Power On or ARM Status RX Only: RF Link Status Power

Power supplies are included with this product. Input Voltage TX / RX (with OCP): 12.0 -1.5/+1.0 VDC Input Current TX: <100mA (@ 12.0 VDC) Start-up current 500mA (@ 12.0 VDC) Input Current RX: <250mA (@ 12.0 VDC) Output Voltage TX (with OCP): 12VDC / 750mA (Unregulated) Mechanical & Environmental Weight (without antenna): <165g (5.82 oz) Dimensions (excluding connectors and without antenna; W×L×H) 110 × 86 × 30 mm (4.33" × 3.38" × 1.18") Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C Storage Temperature: -30°C to +85°C
Weight: 0.7140