24pc Russbe Reuse-A-Pop 97.5ml Reusable Ice Popsicle Bags Mould Molds BPA Free

SKU: 8790-1_2PK

These Reuse-A-Pop Reusable Popsicle Bags from Russbe are versatile and perfect for creating your own frozen juice pops, fruit and yoghurt smoothies and other fun-filled treats. Ideal for after-school snacks or parties, these durable, freezer-safe Reuse-A-Pop bags allow you and your family to experiment with creative flavour combinations. The zipper seal ensures worry-free creating with no messy leaks or spills. Use the built-in label to write your Reuse-A-Pop flavour and date on each easy-to-clean bag. This convenient design is also ideal for toting nuts, dried fruit, popcorn, granola, or cereal.

Approx Capacity: 97.5ml.
Approx Dimensions: 5cm W x 26.7cm H.
Durable & reusable.
Freezer safe.
Features locking seal.
Handwash only.

Comes in a Set of 12 x 2

This item comes with a 12-month warranty.