2PK Joseph Joseph Citrus Orange Reamer Extractor Juicer Squeezer w Pip Catcher

SKU: 20028_2PK

Ensure you get the whole juice and nothing but the juice with this innovative 2PK Joseph Joseph Catcher Citrus Reamer w/ Pip Catcher.

The clever rubber cup catches all the pips and pulp and strains them so the juice can drain through, letting you squeeze your citrus fruits over your cooking/baking and add directly into your meals.

More comfortable to use than a horizontal hand juicer, the Catcher is perfect for all kinds of citrus and soft fruits.


Food Safe

BPA Free


2x Citrus Reamer

Colour: Yellow

Dimensions Approx.: 16.6cm x 8.7cm x 6.8cm

1-year warranty.