2PK Shop Go 12kg Sprint Shopping Trolley Grocery Food Bag Cart 2 Wheels HLQN

SKU: 4691HQ_2PK

Shop Go Sprint Shopping Trolley - Harlequin is a versatile bag that can be used with almost everything you want to carry!

It will be a big help if you carry loads of things like groceries, laundry and toys especially when you are alone.


Large storage capacity

Can hold up to 12kg approximately

The main component is closed with a drawstring

Small zippered compartment at the back

Deluxe plastic handle and lightweight metal frame

Two large wheels and flip down stand

Zips at the side of the main compartment for fast access

Colour: Multicoloured ;Harlequin

Construction: Polyester, Aluminium and Rubber

1-year warranty.


2x Shopping Trolley