2x DHS 4006 4 Star Table Tennis Bat Racket Short Handle Ping Pong Paddle Penhold

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  • **Double Happiness (DHS)**is the one of the most influential sport equipment companys in the world. Ever since 1959, DHS has been the official ping pong equipment supplier for all Table Tennis World Championships, Table Tennis World Cups and Olympic Games.
  • In the field of Table Tennis, DHS stands for great honor. Over 200 world champions in China used DHS ping pong rackets to win the games. Wang Liqin, Wang Hao, Zhang Yinin, etc, all use DHS products.

Product Features:

  • DHS 4-Star ping pong rackets are perfect for ping pong lovers.
  • It features five layers of high quality thick plates and professional premium inverted rubbers.
  • Very suitable for all-round performance, especially attacking. The rubbers provide high friction and ease of control, driving the balls to spin insanely.
  • Ideal racket weight for speed and control.