2x1.8m 20mm Thick Double Sided Baby Play Floor Mat Animal & Alphabet Patterns


  • Well-designed play mat lasts through all the development stages of your child
  • Bright colours and cute characters decorating the mat will engage your child both visually and intellectually
  • Designed to cushion and delight babies during tummy time, entertain toddler for play time and encourage young learners of all ages to engage and explore
  • Reversible, water-resistant and non-toxic
  • Soft and cushiony
  • Offers a Huge Padded Soft Cushioned Space for Babies
  • Animal pattern on one side and alphabet on the other side

Item Specifications:

  • Condition: Brand New
  • Size: 200cm x 180cm
  • Thickness: 20mm (May vary by +/-3mm)
  • Material: EPE foam & low-density polyethylene