3 Pack - Bright Bots Toilet Training Pants for Girl - Pale Pink

BRIGHT BOTS reusable toilet training pants are famous the world over and very useful when your toddler decides it is time to toilet train.

They are made from cotton-polyester terry with absorbent wadding and a layer of PUL in the crotch.

They are not meant to keep kids completely dry like others.

Instead, they give you a bit of time to get to the bathroom when accidents do happen while letting your child feel damp.

Available in a range of colours and sizes.


S (18months, Height 84cm, Waist 52cm, Weight 12kg)

M (2years, Height 92cm, Waist 53cm, Weight 14kg)

L (2 1/2 years, Height 100cm, Waist 54cm, Weight 16kg)

XL (3years, Height 108cm, Waist 55cm, Weight 18kg)