3 x KiahLoc Suction Hook Large(72mm) - Black

KiahLoc special designed this range of suction hook for children/teenage. The purpose of suction hook is to help them to keep the room tidy, well-organised, also help them for self-responsibility and self-learning. The colour available in PINK, PURPLE, GREEN, NAVY BLUE, SKY BLUE, BROWN, BLACK AND SILVER.

Tell your kids the product unique feature

•The fun part is the yellow indicator ring. If they see the yellow ring pops up within few minutes or few hours on the first time of the installation, that mean the surface has the air get in between the mounting surface and suction cup; they must change to other mounting surface. Dust or fibre also is not friendly to the suction hook.

• The yellow indicator ring has another function. When the ring is slowly popping up, it tells you that the load force is losing and then the suction hook may drop soon. The solution is very simple! They can either press the button for few times, or read thr instruction carefully to re-install again.

• There are more LEARNING, PLAYING, EXPERIMENT and FUND of the product, KiahLoc encourage the children/teenage raise the questions and then find the answers themselves. This product can be dissemble and assemble.

Other Product Features

•Gecko inspired design – no mark or damage on the mounting surface, free for children/teenage use it everywhere they like.

•Easy to install, remove, and re-use; even though children can use it.

•Easy to press for fix – if you see the indicator ring (yellow) pops up

•The 360-degree hook rotation design, you’ll never need to worry about vertical alignment



•Diameter: 72mm

•• •Certified the loading test up to 10kg by SGS