3 x Pura CHOICE® Natural All-Purpose Cleaners, Streak-Free Bathroom Multi-Surface Cleaner with Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil - 500ml

Finally! An awesome cleaner for sensitive people.

If you or your children suffer from asthma, allergies or sensitive skin, you know that your biggest challenge is finding hypo-allergenic products that actually work.

Ultra-Sensitive PuraChoice products give your house a sparkling finish without aggravating allergies or polluting the environment. These low allergy, asthma friendly and eco-friendly cleaning solutions were developed over years of extensive testing and research. They're made with essential oils and plant-based ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin, allergies or asthma and still deliver incredible cleaning power, while removing surface and airborne allergens.

With PuraChoice Pink Grapefruit Bathroom Cleaner, you can cut through the lime scale and soap scum and get your whole bathroom sparkling clean!

What began as the project of an asthmatic Mum is now the saviour of homemakers across Australia and now the USA.

More Reasons to Love Us: *Non Toxic Plant Based *Hypoallergenic *Contains No Nasty Chemicals *Natural Essential Oils *Palm Oil Free *Septic Grey Water Safe *No Chlorine/Bleach *No Phosphates *No Sodium *No Synthetic Fragrances *No Petrochemicals *No Animal Derivatives *Cruelty free *No Harsh Detergents *No Glycols or Ammonia *NO TEA/DEA or EDTA Parabens or SLS/SLES *Readily Biodegradable *Contains Dermatologically Tested Ingredients.

**pH Neutral **Stone Safe **Glass Surface / Kitchen Cleaner Only PuraChoice Cleaners meet the requirements for ready biodegradability of a single organic substance or natural product when tested according to AS4351 Part 2.

  • SAFE FOR YOUR FAMILY: It is important to protect the ones we love and provide them with a healthy home. Unfortunately dangerous chemicals find their way into the home incognito in the cleaning products that we buy, leaving behind a potentially nasty residue. PuraCHOICE has a Plant Based formula is Food Safe, Ultra-Sensitive, Hypoallergenic, Asthma & Allergy Friendly and contains Dermatologically Tested Ingredients. ;

  • SAFE FOR THE PLANET: The environment should be everyone’s number 1 priority, and we take this very seriously, the plant based ingredients make PuraCHOICE one of the safest cleaning products on the planet. It is Septic & Grey Water Safe, will not harm sea life, has No Animal Derivatives is Palm Oil Free and will never be tested on Animals.

  • NATURAL COLOURS & ESSENTIAL OILS: We use plant based colours to accentuate the Natural Essential Oils used in our formulas. PuraCHOICE Bathroom Cleaner with Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is tough on lime scale and soap scum and will make your bathroom sparkling clean, leaving behind a zesty fresh uplifting fragrance.

  • ONE FOR EVERY SURFACE: Different surfaces need different cleaning formulas, we need to strip lime scale and soap scum from the bathroom, but we need something gentler for the stone benchtops in the kitchen yet tough enough to cut through grease and grim. PuraCHOICE will leave a sparkling, residue-free result on all the surfaces in your home from kitchen countertops, high chairs, toys & pet areas to bathrooms, toilets, stainless steel and finished wood, and any other solid surface.

  • NO CHLORINE/BLEACH or HARSH DETERGENTS: PuraCHOICE cleaning products contain the power of Natural Essential Oils and Plant Based surfactants to harness their natural cleaning power and will NEVER contain Phosphates, Sodium, Synthetic Fragrances or colours, Petrochemicals, Glycols, Ammonia, TEA/DEA or EDTA, SLS/SLES or Parabins EVER!

3 x Pura CHOICE® Natural All-Purpose Cleaners, Streak-Free Bathroom Multi-Surface Cleaner with Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil - 500ml


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 5 business days
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