30-Second Rock Music Hardcover Book by Mike Evans

Love rock music? If you're walking the walk already, this book will teach you to talk the talk. 30-Second Rock Music starts with 1950s rock 'n' roll (and its roots) and explores blues and folk, progressive and heavy metal, punk, indie and alt rock, profiling extraordinary bands and musicians along the way. From Stevie Wonder to the White Stripes, this is a truly comprehensive guide - ensuring you'll know what you're talking about, next time rock n' roll is on the table. 


  • Title: 30-Second Rock Music
  • Subtitle: 50 key styles, artists and happenings each explained in half a minute
  • Author: Mike Evans
  • Publisher: Murdoch Books
  • Genre: Music
  • Non-fiction
  • No. of pages: 160
  • Full colour 
  • Hardback cover 
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 23.0 x 18.0  x 1.5