30L Power Sprayer for Weed or Pest Control Spray with Tank Trolley Hose Reel

If you're looking for a practical - convenient and fast way to apply pesticides or weed spray over large-areas - then this A30ER will prove the perfect work-partner.


  • Compelete sprayer kit with Pump - Motor - Hose Reel - Tank and Trolley
  • Alumium trolley and mouting bracket for corrosion free
  • UV stabilised - high strength polyethylene tank
  • Eash to setup and detach
  • 10 meter chemical grade sprayer hose reel with turbo spray gun
  • 15cm Large Filling openning with Strainer
  • Suction hose with strainer and overflow hose included
  • Powerful 2 stroke petrol powered engee
  • High Pressure piston pump


  • Overall size: 92(H) x 65(W) x (H)cm/li>
  • Empty Weight: 21kg
  • Tank Capacity: 30L
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.6L
  • Hose Reel Length: 10 meter
  • Diameter of filling openning: 15cm
  • Pump Type: High Pressure Piston Pump
  • Pumpe Operate Pressure: 1-4Mpa
  • Suction Capacity: 7.1 L/min
  • Rotational Frequency: 1800/min
  • Engine Model: TU26
  • Engine Type: Forced air cool - 2 Cycle
  • Engine Displacement: 26cc
  • Max output: 0.9Hp/6000 rpm
  • Fuel: Mixed gasline 25:1
  • Igition Sytem: Electronics Ignition
  • Carburetor: Diaphragm type
  • Starting system: Recoil Starter