4GFFWP DOSS 5-694Mhz 4G Antenna Filter Waterproof Design F-Type Socket To F-Type Socket 5-694MHZ 4G ANTENNA FILTER

The 700 MHz frequencies used by some 4G services are next to the frequencies used for FTA TV; there is a small chance this may cause disruption to FTA services. If you areexperiencing interference since your area retuned, this filter may assist in filtering out these signals.

  • Filters LTE/4G signals for interference free VHF/UHF
  • Installs inline
  • F-type Socket to F-type Socket
  • Pass-Band Insertion Loss: 5~694 MHz < 3dB
  • Stop-Band Insertion Rejection: 720 ~ 1000 MHz > 40dB

Click on images for larger version Signal strength (dB) for the full TV spectrum

Signal strength (dB) for the end of the TV spectrum including 4G/LTE

Weight: 0.0880