4PC Philips HX6042/63 Sonicare Replacement Heads for Electric Toothbrush Kids 7+

SKU: HX6042-63_2PK

Sonicare For Kids toothbrush head is perfect for small mouths with growing teeth. It works exclusively with the For Kids power toothbrush that together delivers a safe and more pleasant experience that kids find fun and habit-forming.

A thorough clean feeling in your child's mouth

Up to 75% more effective than a manual toothbrush

Designed to optimise performance

Works with any Philips Sonicare click-on toothbrush

Age 7+
The Philips Sonicare For Kids standard toothbrush head features a contoured profile to fit your child's teeth Age 7+ and soft bristles for a gentle cleaning experience. Also features rubber moulding on the back of the brush head for a safer, more pleasant cleaning. Also available in smaller, compact size for Kids Age 4+.

Maximized sonic motion
Philips Sonicare brush heads are vital to our core technology of high-frequency, high-amplitude brush movements performing over 31,000 brush strokes per minute. Our unparalleled sonic technology fully extends the power from the handle all the way to the tip of the brush head.

Click-on brush head system
The Philips Sonicare For Kids brush heads clicks on and off your brush handle for a secure fit and easy maintenance and cleaning.

Reminder bristles
At first glance, it may not be obvious, but brush heads lose stiffness and gradually wear down over months of normal use. Our blue reminder bristles fade to white and help you recognize when it's time for a replacement. For optimal results, replace the brush head every three months.

Items included

Brush heads: 4 Sonicare for Kids standard

Design and finishing

Bristle stiffness feel: Regular

Colour: Aqua

Reminder bristles: Blue bristle colour fade away

Size: Standard

Material brush head: BPA-Free

1-year warranty.