4x Bugsy's Cordy Kang - Kangaroo with Cordyceps (70g)

Ingredients: Kangaroo mince, cordyceps

Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom and is getting a lot of attention in the holistic veterinary community. In ancient times, it was reserved for the exclusive use by Royalty only. It is now cultivated and has been used as a superfood for pets for years.

This extremely prized herb is well known for its anti-cancer and anti-tumour properties making it a go-to herb when your pet is diagnosed with cancer.

For the healthy pet, it can improve respiratory health by increasing blood oxygen absorption; it can also promote heart and liver functions and boost the immune system. A great addition to a healthy & active dog's daily supplement.

Suitable for age 5+

Highly recommended for health maintenance, especially for active or senior pets.

Product Highlights:
Freeze Dried, jammed packed with flavour and breaks apart easily
suitable for weight watcher
Increases blood oxygen
immunity boost
Lung and Kidney tonic (TCM)
known to have cancer fighting properties