4x Bugsy's I've Got the Power - Ginseng and Organic Chicken (70g)

Ingredients: Australian free range chicken, Ginseng

As your pet gets older, they can be undernourished because their ability to absorb nutrients has declined. Not only can Ginseng increase the body's ability to absorb more nutrients, it is also a powerful antioxidant to help the body restore balance.

Well known for its ability to raise brain function, this super herb has been shown to help recovery from stress, illness and chronic fatigue; regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels; and has a powerful hydrogenating effect on the body, especially the liver.
Suitable for 5 years +

Product Highlights:
Freeze dried, breaks apart easily so suitable for pets with teeth problems
Promotes metabolism
Raises brain function
Aids fatigue and depression
helps alleviate the symptoms of allergies