5 x Paper Bags for Nilfisk Action, Compact, Bravo Models

Vacuum Bags to Fit The Models Below:

  • Nilfisk Models:

  • SPRINT GM100,


  • GM160 Nilfisk

  • Action A100

  • Action A200

  • Action Plus A300

  • Action Plus A400

  • Bravo Series

  • Compact C20

  • Compact C110

  • Compact C120

  • Compact C220

  • Freestyle GM150

  • Freestyle GM160

  • Freestyle GM170

  • Sprint GM100

  • One Prime Series

  • Airflo Models: PHANTOM (NEW MODEL) AFV3002, AFV4602T PROWLER, AFV4603 PROWLER, AFV9030, AFV9038

  • Samsung Models:
    VC91PS, VC220, VC360,
    VC415S, VC440,
    VC500N, VC510, VC511M, VC512S, VC513, VC516, VC520, VC523, VC525, VC530, VC533, VC563,
    VC623, VC950, 900E, 1000E, TC9014V, TC9015VVC6000 SERIES, VC7000 SERIES, VC8000 SERIES, VC9000 SERIES, 5900 SERIES,
    6100 SERIES, 6300 SERIES, 6700 SERIES, 6800 SERIES, 7100 SERIES, 8600 SERIES,
    VC5914, VC6012, VC6013, VC6014N, VC6016V, VC6300, VC6301, VC6302, VC6303, VC6304, VC6306, VC6307, VC6308, VC6309, VC6313, VC6400, VC6400A, VC6400M, VC6400S, VC6440A, VC6440M, VC6440S, VC6500, VC6540, VC6700, VC6701,
    VC6702, VC6703, VC6704, VC6706, VC7100, VC7100R, VC7101G, VC7101, VC7102, VC7103, VC7150, VC7170, VC7171, VC7200, VC7201, VC7250, VC7270, VC7271, VC7400, VC7500, VC7500B, VC7501, VC7502, VC7513, VC7520, VC7540, VC7551, VC7570, VC7575, VC7577, VC7700, VC7714V, VC77147, VC7715VP, VC7716VN, VC7726, VC7726VN, VC8926EN,
    SC6200 SERIES, SC6300 SERIES, SC4040, SC4042, SC4045, SC204C, LGVC6211, SERIES VP958

  • Truflo Models: TFV1550

  • Wertheim: 1400

Comes in a Packet of 5 Paper Bags
Includes 2 Universal Filters

Premium quality paper bags with a double layer lining for better filtration and Heavy Duty cardboard collar with rubber seal to ensure no dust escapes the bag

We recommend to replace your vacuum cleaner bag before it's 100% full. That may prolong the life of your vacuum cleaner because less strain is caused to the motor. The pre motor filter in your vacuum cleaner should be changed every 6 months or every 5 bags.

If you're unsure if this product will fit your vacuum cleaner, please ask us a question and we will gladly help you purchase the right product.

Part No:AF102

5 x Paper Bags for Nilfisk Action, Compact, Bravo Models

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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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