5501CRC CRC 400G Penetr8 Rust Remover & High Speed Penetrant - Crc Convenient 360&Deg; Spray Valve 400G PENETR8 RUST REMOVER &


Penetr8 - A high-speed penetrant that helps dissolve rust and corrosion.

CRC Penetr8 is a high-speed penetrant that rapidly frees rusted and corroded fasteners, pins and bound mechanisms. It helps to dissolve rust and corrosion while quickly penetrating. Penetr8 eases disassembly of mechanicalequipment, fittings and fixtures through its high speed penetration. CRC Penetr8 is a clear formula that contains no dyes, and leaves no mess.

CRC Penetr8 has a convenient 360 degree spray valve, allowing it to be sprayed from any position. The independent Capillary Penetration of Liquids test that was carried out on Penetr8 showed that it penetrates further than any of its competitors, including Yield, WD-40, Penetrene and Inox. ** WD-40 is a registered trademark of the WD company.

Weight: 0.5140