6 x Tonymoly Master Lab Mask Sheet #Ceramide (Moisturising)

What it is

A range of masks with effective ingredients to target specific skin concerns.

#Snail Mucin (Skin Damage Care)
This master lab mask cares skin damage.
Problem: Rough skin caused by dryness.
Effects: Boosts radiance by taking care of damaged skin.

Solution: Snail Mucin / Skin-fit sheet.

#Vitamin C (Brightening)
This master lab mask brightens skin.
Problem: Dull skin.
Effects: Brightens the skin with Vitamin C.
Solution: Vitamin C / Skin-fit sheet.

#Centella Asiatica (Skin Soothing)
This master lab mask instantly soothes skin.
Problem: Sensitive skin caused by external stress.
Effects: Soothes and comforts rough and sensitive skin.

Solution: Centella Asiatica / Skin-fit sheet.

#EgF (Intensive Wrinkle Care)
This master lab mask firms up skin.
Problem: Skin with fine and heavy wrinkles.
Effects: Vitalizes and smoothes the skin with Ademosine.

Solution: EgF / Skin-fit sheet.

#Caviar (Nutrition)
This master lab mask provides rich nourishment to skin.
Problem: Lifeless skin due to low nutrition.
Effects: Vitalizes the skin by delivering rich nourishment with caviar.

Solution: Cavaiar / Skin-fit sheet.

#Collagen (Elasticity)
This master lab mask firms up skin.
Problem: Sagging skin due to lacking elasticity.
Effects: Makes the skin elastic with Collagen.

Solution: Collagen / Skin-fit sheet.

#Ceramide (Moisturising)

This master lab mask increases moisture in skin.
Problem: Dry skin with flaky cracks.
Effects: Delivers rich moisture deep inside the skin.
Solution: Ceramide / Skin-fit sheet.

#Hyaluronic acid (Hydrating)

This master lab mask recharges the skin with moisture

Problem: Dry skin that lacks moisture

Effects: Moisturizes by charging the skin with moisture

Solution: Hyaluronic acid / Skin-fit sheet.

How to use1. After cleansing, apply toner and then place mask onto face adjusting around the eyes and mouth area

  1. After 20-30 minutes, remove mask and gently pat excess essence into skin to promote absorption. Apply excess essence from pouch to neck and body if desired

*TIP* For extra cooling and soothing effect, store mask in refrigerator

~6 x TonyMoly Master Lab Mask Sheet CERAMIDE shipped~

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