60M Waterproof Housing Case for DJI OSMO Pocket Case Diving Protective Shell for DJI OSMO Pocket Gimbal Camera Accessories


  1. Waterproof shell adopts 1:1 real machine die sinking design and the fuselage fits perfectly.
  2. The keys of waterproof shell are made of 316 stainless steel. The keys are designed to be wider in force area, more labor-saving and comfortable to press.
  3. Double waterproof ring design is adopted to make the waterproof shell deeper and waterproof up to 60m.
  4. The locking waterproof shell with screw-tightening type is more firm.
  5. Waterproof shell can achieve 360 degrees of full-scale photography, take clear video photos.
  6. Waterproof shell with a silicone lens protective cover can protect the waterproof shell from scratching without using the waterproof shell.

For DJI OSMO Pocket Camera
; Package Include
1 X Waterproof Case
1 X Lens Cover