6x Cappuccino Stainless Steel Catering Cup & Saucer Set Silver Latte Coffee Tea

Cup & Saucer 150ml Cappuccino

Enjoy your cappuccino with your family or guest using these pair of cup and saucers. Set of 6, made from high-grade stainless steel and thermally insulated double-walled for maximum heat retention keeps your beverage hot and fresh much longer than a standard ceramic cup. Works great with a latte, coffee, tea, or any hot drinks.


  • Quantity: Set of 6 (12pcs)
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Material: High-grade Stainless Steel
  • Type: Cup & Saucer Set
  • Cup Size: 70x107mm
  • Saucer Size: 133mm
  • Keeps beverages hot
  • Dishwasher safe