7 Pad Micro fibre Wet Dry Flat Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaner Set with 7 Pads

Micro fibre Flat Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaner Set with 7 Pads Wet Dry


  • This Mop Bucket prevents you from using a dirty wet mop repeatedly. The water cannot get outside the bucket.
  • This self-wash and dry mop and bucket kit will leave your home sparkling clean.
  • With hands-free squeezing, you can use a clean wet mop at all times with greatly improved results.
  • The flexible 360-Degree swivel head allows for any tight spots around toilets, and all other hard to reach places.


  • SELF WASH & DRY- Conventional mops pick up dirty water and you end up cleaning your floors with it. This quick and easy all in one mop system allows you to wash, rinse and dry all at the same time. Your hands never have to touch the mop to clean or wring it
  • DUAL CHAMBER BUCKET- Simply insert the flat mop into the wash side to rinse the mop pad of dirt and debris. Repeat the same motion on the dry side to achieve the perfect dampness for wet mopping.
  • Quick Wash And Dry Mop-Two chamber bucket (one wet and one dry) makes mopping easier and faster. Unique effortless one hand operated wringer system removes dirt and water from the mop without the need spinning or squeezing!
  • Avoid Backache-The pole can be extended to 128cm and free roated, Prevent bending and straining the back. Perfect for cleaning some hard-to-reach places, such as under the bed, sofa, cabinet.
  • Easy to Store-An ingenious three section handle enables the entire mop to be quickly disassembled and stored in the bucket, so the whole system can be stored in an under work surface cupboard.
  • Microfiber pad-Microfiber pad for the best cleaning results.Easy to soak up liquids & pick up dust, dirt, debris & hair.Pads are multipurpose and are machine washable.
  • Universal-Suitable for vinyl floors, wooden floor, bamboo floor, glass floor, stone floor, ceramic tiles floor. Also suitable for cars, room windows and doors cleaning.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x mop bucket
  • 7 x mop cloth

7 Pad Micro fibre Wet Dry Flat Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaner Set with 7 Pads


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 3 business days
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