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8-piece Wilson D-FY Golf Club Set

8-piece Wilson D-FY Golf Club Set

SRP $999*!

Graphite Steel fusion shaft is ideal for golfers looking to increase their clubs swing speed up to 3-5 miles per hour!

2x hybrid clubs w/ flexible FY club, + 2x hollow head 5 and 6 irons with ultra-wide soles + 7, 8, 9 iron and Pitching Wedge.

Perfect for improving the drive and accuracy of all players!

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Let's face it: all golfers worry about their accuracy - so it's a good thing this fully integrated 8 piece golf club set delivers excellent performance to golfers at every skill level. The specially crafted 19.5 degree FY club provides golfers with incredibly long range and pin point accuracy. The hollow 5 and 6 irons offer easy to hit ultra wide soles. While the traditional cavity back designs in the 7 iron down to the pitching wedge provide forgiveness and control in tight spaces. At just 1/3 of the normal price today, you'll need to be quick!

It’s the patent pending half & half shaft that sets D-FY apart from other combination club sets. Originally pioneered in baseball bats, half and half technology fuses a graphite segment with a steel segment. The result is a remarkably light 76 g shaft with exceptionally low torque. You’ll feel all the responsiveness of steel fused with the lightweight and vibration dampening features of graphite. Having the graphite underneath the grip also moves extra weight down to the club head increasing your swing speed. This unique combination of speed and control provides good correction on mis-hits — even potential slices often turn into fades. Your hitting distance will remain consistent throughout the set with the shorter irons proving their metal around the greens.

So enjoy this incredible saving on a industry-leading club set, while entering the clubhouse with supreme confidence. Your golf buddies won’t stand a chance!


  • The D-FY is an integrated 8-piece set that fuses three distinct club styles
  • Wilson's Staff D-FY combo set earned a Golf Digest Hot List GOLD Award!
  • Features breakthrough performance from a hybrid half-steel/half-graphite shaft.
  • It is the longest combo set available for the low-to-mid swing speed player
  • Offers the feel and speed of graphite fused with the consistency and performance of steel.
  • Great for any player looking for higher club head speed and an overall power boost on their drive.
  • Sized for adult right-handed players of all skill levels!
  • 12 month warranty

What’s included:

  • 2x hybrid clubs including the innovative and flexible FY club that’s easier to hit than a fairway wood.
  • 2x hollow head 5 and 6 irons with ultra-wide soles.
  • 4x perimeter-weighted, confidence inspiring cavity back designed clubs including a 7, 8, 9 iron and Pitching Wedge.
  • 2 x head covers for the hybrid clubs

*SRP was supplied by the manufacturer and was true and accurate as at the 13/08/2012

A Bit About The Brand / More Info

Club Specs

  • Set includes:
    • FY: Loft:19.5, Lie: 59.5°, Length: 41.0”
    • 4H: Loft:23.5, Lie: 60°, Length: 39.5”
    • #5: Loft:27, Lie: 61°, Length: 38.5”
    • #6: Loft:30.5, Lie: 61.5°, Length: 38.0”
    • #7: Loft:34, Lie: 62.0°, Length: 37.5”
    • #8: Loft:37.5, Lie: 63.0°, Length: 37.0”
    • #9: Loft:41.0, Lie: 63.5°, Length: 36.5”
    • Pitching Wedge: Loft:44.5, Lie: 64.0°, Length: 36.0”
  • Grip: Lamkin
  • Flex Options: Uniflex
  • Right handed clubs