80L Evaporative Air Cooler Air Conditioner Cooling Fan Remote Control

Enjoy a cool but not dry air condition using this air cooler. The air cooler offers custom-fit adjustments, giving you the best air conditioning solutions. It combines ice crystal refrigeration and air humidifying technology, creating cool air with proper humidity for a better experience. The airflow adjustable between 3 speeds, low, medium and high speed, working with a 24-hour timing function, can greatly solve your different needs and give you peace of mind. What’s more, the airflow can come out horizontally or vertically. Coming with a large water tank of up to 80 litres, you can save much effort from refilling the water frequently. Two boxes for ice are also included in the package as a bonus. It is easy to control the air cooler with remote control and easy to move with equipped wheels. This useful Evaporative Air Cooler is perfect for hot and dry climates.

  • Adjustable Speeds: The three-speed air cooler can meet your different needs in various scenarios. You can enjoy a low speed when you sleep, a medium speed for relaxing and a high speed for scorching summers.
  • Cool/Humidify: Adopts ice crystal refrigeration and air humidifying technology, can cut down the temperature from air vent while raising humidity, to prevent air drying.
  • Timing Function: 24-hour timing function making the air cooler stop automatically after the timer is set, so you could fall in sleep with peace in mind every night.
  • High-capacity Water Tank and Convenient Wheels: 80L large-capacity water tank prevents you from adding water frequently. And you could freely move the air cooler from room to room for its wheels.
  • Best for hot & dry climates: For where the air humidity is relatively low like Southwestern and Midwest of the United States, air cooler brings the temperature down through water evaporation and adds moisture to the dry air
  • SWING button: Press this button once to make the louvers swing horizontally and the Swing indicator light will be on; press again for a fixed air direction; If you want a vertical air flow, you can manually adjust the horizontal louvers.
  • COOL button: Press this button once to start the evaporative cooling function, press again to cancel.
  • TIMER button: It can be set between 1 to 24 hours, increased by 1-hour intervals.




White + black


220-240V, 50Hz ; ;


60dB ;

Air flow capacity

8000CBM/hour ; ;

Water Curtain

80mm thick ; ;

Tank capacity

80L ; ;

Water consumption

4L/hour ; ;

Wind speed

12m/s ; ;

Product Size

67 X 41 X (H)129cm