A Bump In The Night

A Bump In The Night
ISBN: 9781760068820
Publication Date: 1 March 2016

Late one night, a curious girl called Matilda lies awake in bed. Something is keeping her awake. Something strange. Something annoying. Something VERY loud. So Matilda goes in search of the something, which is when she discovers a monster who is living in her room

This fun story takes the perennial theme of 'things that go bump in the night' and gives it a twist. Is the monster - Mr Snuffles - actually a scary monster, or something quite extraordinary with a very special task?

About the Author

Amberin graduated from University College Falmouth with a degree in Illustration in 2008 and have since been living and working just outside of London creating and painting under an organized heap of paper in her studio. Amberin's work plays with perspective, colour and light to create environments that tell a story through their composition. She also love to create characters with personality and energy whether that be through what they are wearing, expression or gesture.