AB Tools 1/4" Drive Wobble Swivel Socket Extension Bar Set 6pcs 50mm - 275mm Bergen

Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

1/4" drive wobble extension bar set

Wobble drive allows certain angle of tilt to help to get into tight awkward places

By pushing the sockets onto the extension bar further this will also allow the extension bas to be nonwobble and rigid instead

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability

1/4" drive extension bars so will fit any 1/4" drive ratchet / sockets

Heat treated highly mirror polished finish with knurled rings for added grip when using in slippery oily conditions


1/4" Extension bar 32mm
1/4" Extension bar 50mm
1/4" Extension bar 100mm
1/4" Extension bar 150mm
1/4" Extension bar 200mm
1/4" Extension bar 275mm

Comes in a plastic tray for easy storage and transportation