AB Tools 3/8" Drive Extra Long Straight Extension Bar Set 380mm, 455mm, 610mm 3pc

Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

3/8" drive extension bar set

3/8" drive so will fit any 3/8" drive ratchets / power bars etc...

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability

Satin finish for rust and corrosion resistance

Extra-long extension bars

Extra-long so perfect for access into restricted hard to reach areas

Knurled rings for added grip when using in oily slippy conditions

A little ball on the end of the extension bar which prevents the socket form falling off when using


* 1 x extension bar - total length 15" / 380mm
* 1 x extension bar - total length 18" / 455mm
* 1 x extension bar - total length 24" / 610mm