Abtronic X2 Abs Workout & Massage Belt EMS

The Ab Tronic X2 will give you a flat, sexy stomach without struggling on exercise equipment, and without having to do a single crunch. The secret of the Ab Tronic X2 is the Electro Muscle Stimulation or EMS. EMS is a scientifically proven technique that actually generates 'active muscle contractions'. This incredible machine will literally do the work for you. EMS was originally developed for physiotherapists to help rehabilitate patients with muscle injuries. Now, it is being applied to the fitness industry to get you the abs you have always dreamed of. You will feel the Abtronic X2 toning your abs right away and see dramatic results after just a few workouts. With its unique dual channel technology featuring 4 positionable conductive pads in the front and back to help target your problem areas.

It is perfect for all fitness levels with 8 different body workouts from short contractions to long, deep pulsations. It has 10 intensity levels that you can easily regulate and it only takes 10 minutes a day. Ab Tronic X2 also tones, tightens and shapes your buns, firms and lifts your chest, neck, shoulders and more. In just 1 minute you will get at least 400 muscle contractions; imagine doing 400 sit ups! Ab Tronic X2 is an electronic system designed to support body toning, athletic enhancement and electronic stimulation to contract and relax muscles without effort. Consistency is the key to achieving a youthful appearance. ;



  • Relives Abdominal and Back Discomfort.
  • Tone, Tighten and Sculpt Your Abs.
  • 8 Different Workout Settings.
  • Relaxes Aching and tired Muscles
  • Rehabilitate and Stimulate Inactive Muscle Groups
  • CE approved, RoHS
  • Powered by 2x AAA Batteries
  • Advanced Saftey Features
  • Full 12 months Australia Wide Warranty.

Package Contents:

  • 1X AbTronicX2 Dual Belt
  • 1X Mini Belt
  • 1X Delux Microprocessor Unit
  • 2X Conductive Pads for Front.
  • 2x Conductive Pads for Back.
  • 1X Instructional Manual
  • 1X Diet Plan Booklet
  • 1X Quick Start Guide
  • 1X Carry Storage Bag for the Accessories
  • 1X Abtroinc X2 Stimulation Gel Tube