Acrylic Artist Paint, 500ml per Bottle White - WHITE

Rich selection of acrylic paint, ideal for application with a brush, palette knife or by hand. Create stunning textured effects when applied undiluted for a rich deep impasto finish. Colours may be thinned with water for washes and water colour effects.

500ml bottles and six colour variation. Don't pay $40 for similar products. Choose your quantity and colours and we will ship them to you immediately. Bottle applicator is great for applying streams of paint to create a wonderful modern art masterpiece.

Quality ingredients, non-toxic, flexible, permanent and water resistant when dry.

Use directly from the bottle or mix with water or acrylic mediums for different techniques and effects. Do no mix with oils or solvents. Surface preparation with gesso is recommended before painting.

Size 500ml. Product Type Bottle. Colours : Black, White, green, blue, yellow, red.