Adam & Eve Jax Wax Coastal Banksia Beads Adam & Eve Hot Wax Coconut & Lime Beads - 1kg

Coconut & Lime Hot Wax is a creamy soft lime colour perfumed with a tropical coconut scent. The wax is extremely gentle and will remain pliable. This delicate formula leaves skin so soft without causing irritation or redness and will leave skin smelling good.
1kg pack of gorgeous Adam & Eve Coconut Lime Hot Wax Beads

Adam & Eve hot / hard waxes are attractively packaged, have alluring scents and the ingredients contained in the products are as natural as possible. The famous Adam & Eve hot beaded strip less waxes are packaged in economical, easy to use heat sealed bags, they remain flexible for longer, remove the hair first time, every time but more importantly they remove the hair easily and painlessly.

Hot / hard waxes used without strips and are best suited for smaller treatment areas, sensitive skin, facial and intimate waxing.

  • Easy pour hot wax
  • 100% Australian manufacture
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan friendly