Advantix Dog Fleas and Ticks Treament Over 25kg Blue 3's (A3026)

Don't Wait for your Dog to get Ticks before you Treat Them, Repel Ticks before they hit this Season
Unlike conventional paraciticides, which kill parasites after they bite, Advantix repels the most common ticks, sand flies, stable flies and mosquitoes before they have the chance to bite and it effectively kills ticks and fleas. Less biting means less stress and less risk of disease.
The paralysis tick, Ixodes holocyclus, causes tick paralysis. Tick paralysis is a serious and potentially fatal condition requiring urgent veterinary attention.
Features of Advantix:
Effective against ticks, fleas, sand flies, mosquitoes and stable flies.
Reduces the risk of parasite-transmitted infectious diseases, the so-called canine vector-borne diseases (CVBD).
Helps reducing the stress for the dog.
Kills Fleas
What's so bad about Ticks?
Ticks are, among the most common and most important external parasites and are the cause of the death of significant numbers of dogs each year. The Brown Dog Tick and Paralysis Tick are considered the worst of the 75 species in Australia. Paralysis ticks are dangerous parasites that can attach to the dog and proceed to suck blood from them. As they suck the blood, they secrete a toxin into the pet. This toxin affects the nervous system leading to a number of symptoms (see below) and potentially death.
During blood-sucking, parasites can transmit the dangerous pathogens via their saliva. Thats why killing external parasites is not enough. They should be stopped from biting. Advantix reduces the risk of pathogen transmission due to its repelling activity against ticks and sand flies/mosquitoes and effectively kills ticks and fleas.
Symptoms of Tick Paralysis include:
Loss of coordination in the hind legs (wobbliness in the back legs) or not being able to get up
A change in the sound of the bark or voice
Retching, coughing (sometimes it is a moist cough), vomiting
Excessive salivation/drooling
Loss of appetite
Difficulty breathing or rapid breathing
Kills Fleas
Advantix has been proven to kill fleas and flea larvae up to four weeks after treatment. Advantix works fast by paralysing the mouth and then killing the flea, inhibiting feeding.