AeroCool Hub USB Type-C Male to Female HDMI DVI/VGA/AUX/USB-C Splitter/Adapter


Expand the ports of your pc, laptop and desktop with the AeroCool Hub Type-C to HDMI + DVI + VGA + Audio + USB-A + USB-C!

A great portable and convenient USB Hub that is perfect to bring while travelling!


1x DVI

1x USB Type C Female


1x Audio

1x USB 3.0 Type A Female

1x VGA

Colour: Black

Construction: ABS Plastic

Male Type-C: Data&Powr:5Gb/s

Female Type-C: For Power Charging

Female HDMI Port: HDMI up to 4K@30HZ(Single use)

Female USB 3.0 Port: Power Output: Max. 5V 2A Per Port, Data Transfer: Max. 5Gb/s

VGA Female/DVI Female: 1080P

1-year warranty.